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Please carefully read this guide, if you have any questions, please contact us.

Attention please:

This website will not be used to register new studies from Dec. 1, 2014. 

In recent years the numbers of registration of clinical studies are growthing quickly, and we changed the frequency of updating the records on the WHO ICTRP from monthly to weekly. The old database cannot works well enough for this new demand.  Therefore, an updated new database has been established. Please move to this new updated website to register your study.

Apologize for any inconvenience due to this change.


● Which clinical studies should be registered?

All of studies aim to evaluate the effects on human subjects for interventions include drugs, non-drug treatment, instruments and equipments designed as randomized controlled trial or case-control study, or cohort study, or non controlled study or other any observational studies of prevention and treatment studies, prognosis studies, cause studies and diagnostic tests should be registered.

● Free registration

Chinese Clinical Trial Registry is a non-benefit organization, any registration is free (no charge). Only those which needs us to work on the improving their design needs to pay for the service, Refer to the standard of other registies the registration fee, the service cost is RMB 1,500 yuan for a trial, 3000 yuan for development of a protocol, extra 500 yuan for those who needs to English translation service.

● Steps of registration

At the first, you should to establish your personal account in ChiCTR website then, login and select "Project info", "Project management" at left side, and then select "New" at the top of the window. You can start application for registration via fill electronic registration form online now.

We will prejudication for whether the suggested project according to the registration criteria;

If there is anything unclear, we will contact the registrant to dicuss or quire them provide necessary data by phone or email;

As the trial to be considered eligible for registration, a registration numer will be released and could be sesarched on WHO ICTRP Search Portal within one week from Feb. 17, 2014. Then, an universal trial number (UTN) could be applied from WHO ICTRP at and put the UTN in the "Secondary ID" of the registration form.

● Two requirements very important

The registrant has to provide a copy of ethics approval letter and the study protocol including informed consent which should be uploaded via registration form. The protocol will be used to help us to understand the study design only when we perform the prejudication, and it will not be published.

Please note: for the purpose of promoting the quality of clinical studies, the protocol has to be developed according to the GCP standards. If not, the application of registration will be rejected.

●  Disclosure of the results and primary data

When the results have been generated, we encourage to paste the statistical results in the registration form and it will be disclosed to public after the trial closed one year later.

We also encourage the researchers use the public management plateform, the ResMan or other databases, to manage the trial and to disclose the raw data to public. 

●  Special statement for retrospective registration


The Declaration of Helsinki (2008) requires that any clinical study involving human should be registered at public clinical register before recruitment of the first participant. Originally, we stated in 2007 that we will accept the retrospective registration until January 1, 2008; in 2011, we extended the deadline of retrospective registration to January 1, 2013. Due to there are still a lot of researchers applying register their studies retrospectively, we decide: from January 1, 2013, anyone who hope to register their studies retrospectively, have to provide the raw data of the study to be the evidence of the study was existed, and the raw data should be public accessible. The raw data has to be provided via ResMan, the public management platform of clinical trials database. The use of ResMan is voluntary, public welfare no charge on software. Only 3,000 yuan RMB (500 USD) should be paid for the database occupation and service of reviewing the raw data.